Dr Bertrand Larmoyer

Doctor Bertrand LARMOYER  is the principal of the French Dental Practice, in prestigious London’s Harley Street,where he makes every efforts with his team to be one of the best dentist for cosmetic and implant dental treatments.

Cosmetic dentist and implant dentist in London

Cosmetic dentist and implant dentist in London

He qualified in 1985 at Paris Dental University. He then attended post-graduate courses in implantology both in France and the USA.

He has a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and is a member of AACD ( American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ) since 2003 . He attends regularly the trainings and scientific conventions ( Vancouver 2004 ,Nashville 2005, Atlanta 2007, and Dallas 2010, Boston 2011,WashingtonDC 2012, Orlando 2014, San Francisco in 2015 and next to come in Toronto 2016).

As a cosmetic dentist he prouds himself to help patients regain confidence in their appearance, thanks to smile design and performing the perfect treatment they need using porcelain veneers, Lumineers, Cerec all-ceramic restorations and  dental implant.

He also focuses his practice on implant dentistry in order to replace missing teeth with the most comfortable, reliable and long lasting solution.  He is a member of the American Academy of implant dentistry AAID. After Post graduate qualification in implantology in France (1994), he has taken “the Implant Maxi Course” 2006  at the Medical College of Georgia (Atlanta)  which is one of the most advanced year-long implant training available , in order to keep providing his patients with the most advanced techniques, and successfully passed the written exam for fellowship application at the AAID.

He attends regularly the annual scientific conventions of AAID ( Scottsdale 2005,  Las Vegas 2007, San Diego 2008, New Orleans 2009 ,Boston 2010 ,2011 in Las Vegas again, Scottsdale again in 2013 and many others). He is also a Fellow  of the  ICOI ( international congress of oral implantologists) , and attends many of the meetings ( San Diego 2012, Vegas 2012, Orlando 2013, New Orleans 2014,Tokyo 2014, Berlin 2015, Barcelona 2016). where very innovative , minimally invasive, procedure for sinus lift where discussed, as well as all the new possibilities of the digital technologies in dentistry.

Latest was the Waterlase Dental Laser Symposium held in Seoul(South Korea) in September 2017with mind-blowing updates on gingival laser treatment that could rescue hopeless teeth.

He strongly believes in the benefits for patients of holitstic dentistry, therefore has anincreasing interest in zirconia implant, which are metal free implants made of zirconia ceramic. He is a member of the IAOCI ( international academy of ceramic implantology) and attends their conventions and forum, last one in Montego Bay,Jamaica, 2016, and AIID in San Antonio, Texas, 2016.

He gained advanced qualification for Cerec crown and inlay, at master level for anterior and posterior multi unit techniques.

He went to settle in London ( 2002) after having run his own private practice for more than 15 years in France (Saint Nom la Breteche  near Paris). From 2008, he regularly visits Dubai and Abu Dhabi as visiting consultant for cosmetic and implant dentistry  ( find out more  at http://www.hollywoodsmile-dubai.com ) and on demand in various regions as visiting dentist for top VIPs.

He has a wonderful wife and 3 daughters. He loves french gastronomy and oenology. He travels extensively all over the world both for leisure and work.

Contact : london.cosmetic.implant.dentist@gmail.com , or by phone : +442079357815.    ( In case of urgent,out off hours contact needed,  please call or text  +447931132636)