CEREC restorations. Metal free crowns and inlays.

CEREC is the new gold standard high-tech dentistry has to offer. And it is available for your all ceramic dental crowns and inlays  at our Harley Street clinic.

Get rid of your old leaking silver fillings, restore your broken teeth, improve your bad looking teeth, and enjoy the heatlhiness and confort of mercury free, metal free, durable high precision pure porcelain crown or inlay.

get rid of old silver filling and enjoy mercury free dentistry

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Single visit top quality dental treatment is the most convenient solution for busy people or travelers. No need for a second visit. No need to stay long in London if your are here just for a few days.

Within less than two hours a broken or poorly looking tooth can be restored. Several teeth can be done in one single session.

No need of unpleasant putty impression material. No need for temporary crown( which could fall out before the second appointment). No need for a second injection ( it’s all done at the first visit).

Dr Larmoyer will make an optical impression , a 3D image of your tooth. Then, this virtual model of your tooth is used in a computer, and will be processed in the high precision computer-aided design, similar to 3D-printing and milled using a high precision device from the selected bloc of high quality ceramic.

CEREC restorations are crafted  tooth colored ceramic materials to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function. These restorations are firmly bonded to the remaining tooth structure.

For any further information, or an appointment with Dr Larmoyer, one of the most experienced and best Cerec dentist in London, with thousands of teeth restored with Cerec, feel free to contact us  either by email  london.smile.clinic@gmail.com  or by phone +44.2079357815 .

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